Monday, November 19, 2012

Nanowrimo - Day 19

Despite not documenting it on any type of social medium - because I was so busy writing! - October was an awesome writing month for me.  I was averaging about 2100 words a night and one Sunday, I did 4800 without much more than bathroom and tea breaks.  In fact, I managed to write three short stories in the span of four nights. So, of course, I was psyched for Nanowrimo. How could I not be?  I completed story three on October 30 and decided to take a writing break on Halloween.  I can't write if the TV is on and Halloween was on a Wednesday and Wednesdays are Supernatural night on the CW so a break was much deserved. :-) I figured one night of rest before Nanowrimo started was allowed.  So I went to work on November 1 chomping at the bit.  I couldn't wait to get home and start Nano.  Flash forward twelve hours....I got home, I was hungry and exhausted.  So, I thought it's only day one and I only have to do 1667 words a night to make 50K by the end of the month and I so clearly can pull off 2100, what's the problem?  I'll just make this an early night and I will re-group on November 2. 

Nov 2 - that didn't happen as planned.  At all.

Nov 3 - off to my writer's group where we will all write together in a common environment of writing bliss, encouraging and motivating each other. That didn't happen as planned.  At all.  Sure, I went.  Sure, I had a great time as always...but the topics were video games, how I need to shorten the endings on my three October stories to add more punch, and where can we get curly fries for lunch.  Curly fries - one; writing - zero.  But it's okay, right?  It's only day three.

Nov 10 - had a great day accompanying friends to an anime convention. I don't even watch anime but it was fun. So what's my Nano total?  An awesome nine words. I'm suddenly depressed.

Nov 11 - had a great day accompanying friends to see shirtless Daniel Craig, aka James Bond. Great movie, great food, great fun.  So what's my Nano total?  An even more awesome twelve words.  What on earth?

Nov 19 - the worst part is that I have a idea and a plot and characters I love - that my critique group also loves.  I'm going to really delve in tomorrow.  What can go wrong?  Right?